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Aviary & Nesting Boxes

There are many reasons to attract birds to your garden. One reason is that apart from hedgehogs, toads, and beetles, birds are perhaps the most industrious slug and snail hunters.

They are an especially valuable help in spring, when young slugs and snails hatch from their eggs and are easy prey.

The hungry birds are then very diligent in helping to nip in the bud an emerging slug population boom.

So, it is worth your while attracting them into the garden and helping them to settle there.


Many bird enthusiasts around the world have found creating outdoor aviaries a truly rewarding experience. A variety of birds can be kept in an outdoor bird aviary and it is a great option if you are interested in breeding and rearing.

Keeping an outdoor bird aviary can be very pleasurable and a great way to enjoy the delightful antics of birds.

Enjoy the bird song in your garden with our well designed aviary or we can custom build one for you.
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