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The Trellis Station
The Trellis Station
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What are the main features of your products?
Thick Framing – 70 x 45mm and 40 x for fence toppings
Stainless Steel or galvanised staples, screws & fixings
Double-stapled battens
H3.2 treated timber
Battens are clears
Sustainable, locally-sourced materials

What are the main uses of trellis?
Privacy Screens
Training climbing plants
Creating green walls
Dog & child proofing
Fence Toppers
Concealing gas bottles & rubbish bins

What type of wood do you use?
All our standard products are made of pine. We are able to offer other species of wood on request.

Is your wood treated?
Yes. The wood that makes up our panels is H3.2 – Suitable for exposure to weather but not in-ground contact. We always recommend keeping your trellis a bit above the ground so that it doesn’t end up sitting in water.

How is your trellis fixed together?
Our trellis slats are double-stapled with stainless steel or galvanised staples. This means not only are they not going anywhere, but they aren’t going to rust away over time.
Framed trellis panels have 2 stainless steel or galvanised screws in each corner which gives the panel more strength.

What size is your framing?
70 x 45mm. Our framing really is the star of the show. It is thick, strong and makes one heavy duty panel.

What size are your battens?
Our standard sizes are 35 x 10mm & 90 x 18mm. These are our most commonly used profiles. We can do other sizes on request. Click here to contact our team.
What sized panels do you make?
We offer a range of standard sizes in our signature styles which you can look at here. For custom work we will comfortably do any size up to 2.400mm long x 1.800mm high. For panels bigger than this we will get a few more details from you so we can advise on the best option.

What are the gap sizes between the trellis slats?
Oriental / Vertical – 10mm is our standard size gap. We also offer any gap size you may require. Diagonal / Square – 50 or 70mm. We can do other gap sizes on request.

Your standard panels won’t work for us, what info do you need to price custom work?
For Panels – Use our online form or email us. In the message box simply type the width, height and quantity of each panel and we’ll get back to you with a price asap.
For Installations or Extra Help – If you’re wanting the panels installed or don’t know how to measure, send us through some pictures. We love getting pictures as it means we can often give more specific advice and recommendations.

Can you make angled panels?
We can custom build angled panels to suit requirements. For a sloping section this will often require a site visit so we can ensure the angles will match up.
Any diagrams or photos are most welcome.

Do I need to paint or stain my trellis?
No. Our trellis is H3.2 treated and is completely fine to leave natural looking, it just depends on your personal preferences.

Can I purchase lengths of battens or framing on their own?
Yes. Just phone or send an email with the lengths and quantities required and we’ll see what we can do.

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