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Raised Gardens


Planter boxes are great for container gardening in small growing spaces with limited or no access to ground soil. Our garden boxes are very durable, and come in various shapes to grow everything from flowers and herbs, to deep-rooted fruits and vegetables, even small trees, on your deck or patio.

Raised beds are planters with open bottoms so plant roots can penetrate the ground below. Our flexible designs make raised beds ideal for both small and larger spaces. Raised planter boxes are easier to manage than ground level beds and give a sense of structure to gardens. Raised timber planter boxes are ideal for those with reduced mobility, schools and community spaces and shared common areas in apartment dwellings. Raised Planter beds with bases provide soil containment for gardens on roof-tops, paved areas and driveways.

Our planters are high quality produced in eco-friendly Oregon and Macrocarpa, using dressed timbers to offer a smooth finish that is ready to paint or stain and allows you to sit or kneel on them without getting splinters.

Options we can provide include:
  • Corner planters
  • Square planters
  • Terrace planters
  • Trough planters
  • Vegetable planters
  • Vertical gardens
  • Garden Seat planters
  • Customised Planters

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