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The Trellis Station
The Trellis Station
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Types and Construction of trellis

The Trellis Station – Trellis construction:

  • Knot free
  • 1st Grade H3 treated timber
  • Stainless steel and galvanised fixings for durability.
  • Double-stapled on the Trellis battens.
  • Framing double screwed in each corner for stability as well as stapled.
  • Heavy-duty framing timber - 70 x 45mm for panels 40x for fence toppers.

Custom Trellis timber planters are heavy-duty and can be custom-made to fit existing areas. Our specialty is constructing planter boxes with built-in trellis panels which we designed for indoor and outdoor use as a movable privacy screen, deck or garden feature. Below are a few of the planter boxes we currently have on offer, but if you have your own ideas, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Our trellis planter is perfect for climbing plants and you can easily move it around the place. It features all stainless steel and galvanised fixings, 50mm square framed trellis, and is made from heavy-duty cut pine. Contact Custom Trellis to enquire about a feature piece for your garden.

TREILLAGE can be used to decorate a wall or fence. Vines and roses can be grown on the Treillage structure. Treillage also can be used as a design perspectives in a garden setting.

Oriental trellis - a stylish and modern option for your property.  Not only does it look great but oriental trellis is ideal for wind protection and increasing privacy on your property.

Square trellis - your best option for attractive plant support. Square trellis is perfect for many applications and works well as a support for climbing plants and vines

Diagonal trellis - traditional style trellis for older buildings. Diagonal trellis is ideal for old villas and other buildings where this traditional style trellis was originally used.

Custom woodwork - pergolas, archways, plant supports.

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The Trellis Station
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